Thursday, June 06, 2013

Colossal Cost for Healthy Teeth

Most employees don’t know are the details of their traditional health and dental plan and what dental expenses are covered. These traditional plans automatically deduct the monthly premium from your paycheque but most employees do not know what limitations there are on these plans. Understanding the details of your dental insurance plan is a difficult and tricky ordeal and often has hidden restrictions. For example your coverage may only allow one cleaning per year even if you have no other dental expenses. For other employees that have children that require orthodontic work, these costly procedures can add up quickly and can exceed their dental coverage. One of the biggest benefits of Corporate Care is that is gives the employee flexibility of what health care expenses are covered.


Corporate Care (a private health service plan (PHSP)) allows the business owner to provide flexible benefits to their employees. This allows each individual employee to decide where they want their health coverage dollars to go. If an employee has healthy teeth they can choose to spend majority of their benefits on a different health expense like chiropractic care.  If an employee has children with orthodontic expenses they can choose to spend their health benefits there. Both health benefits are covered and employees are empowered to make their own health care decisions. 

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